Power Converter Units

AC-DC Converters

End-to-end power supplies or front-end rectifier units with various output power ratings

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DC-DC Converters

Isolated or non-isolated, high-efficiency, soft-switched converter units with a wide voltage and power range

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DC-AC Inverters

Grid connected or stand-alone, high frequency switched, high power density inverter units with wide (50-800 Hz) output frequency range, various output power values

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Special Purpose Modules

Power modules designed for special purposes such as protection, filtering and hold-up

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Power Distribution Units

Smart Power Distribution Units

VERTE Electronics smart power distribution units, state-of-the-art features and flexible user configuration options offer power management solution packages to meet your mission-specific needs. It provides you with the control you need with user-definable I2t overcurrent protection configuration, active short-circuit limit configuration, adjustable outside world input and output functions.

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Battery Charge and Management Units

Battery Chargers

High efficiency and high power density battery chargers for different battery chemistries
Adjustable charge profiles, constant current, constant voltage (CC/CV) charge modes and status display for various battery chemistries
Integrated reverse voltage protection, overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection

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